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Automatic Rotary Screen Printing Machine for Garments
Screen Printing Machine for Garment Label Ribbon
 6 Colors Label Flexo Printer CY 4002
Automatic Screen Printing Press 1 color
Silk Screen Printing Machine for Organza Ribbon/Garment Label
LD-3000G Textile Tape Screen Printing Machine

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Label ribbon flexo printing machine
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Eboyuan Digital Printer Mass Production in Customer is place
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Our advantage

Rich Export Experience
Rich Export Experience
More than 15 years of experience in foreign trade, experienced numerous customer inspections, unique design of the full disassembly structure, professional and efficient foreign trade service team.
Strong R&D Capacity
Strong R&D Capacity
Keep update machines technology each year. Have new machines come to the market every year. Core technicians have more than 20 years of experience in this field, some of them are come from Hongkong fa...
Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology
At present, the color registration of our screen printing machine is the best in this field in China. Flexo printers are Hongkong design,original import brands parts, multi-colors rigistration and sma...
Brand Quality, Affordable Price
Brand Quality, Affordable Price
Use original import brands parts and advance technology to make sure the machine stable and high performance. The most cost-effective printing machines in the market.

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About Us

We once had a client named Mr. Li who owned a garment accessory printing factory. 
He spent much time and money searching for a more efficient and cost-effective printing machine to help his production line complete orders faster without compromising printing quality. However, every time he purchased equipment, it failed to meet his needs fully. In such a situation, Mr. Li‘s factory found it challenging to remain profitable and became extremely frustrated.

One day, Mr. Li learned about the CNY Printer brand from a friend. He heard that our printing machines could efficiently complete printing tasks without any problems, and the prices were also very affordable. Mr. Li was very interested and contacted our sales team and brought materials to test the printing machines at our factory. During the testing process, Mr. Li was attracted to our machines‘ efficiency and ease of use.

He was also grateful for the help and advice provided by our professional technical support team. Finally, Mr. Li decided to purchase our printing machine and use it for his production line.A few months later, Mr. Li‘s factory became very busy because the number of orders increased. He was delighted that his CNY Printer‘s printing machine helped his factory efficiently and high-quality complete his orders. Since the equipment had no significant problems during use, it also helped him save a lot of time and money. Mr. Li got more profits and provided his workers with better working and living conditions. He was very grateful to CNY Printer for bringing these benefits and recommended CNY Printer to his friends.

Like you, Mr. Li also sought a more efficient, high-quality, and cost-saving printing machine. And our CNY Printer is what he found, which can bring high-efficiency and cost-savings to his production line.This core value enables CNY Printer to grow and gain more customers‘ trust and support.

CNY Printer is composed of three subsidiaries. The "C" subsidiary mainly produces flexographic printing machines for labels, the "N" subsidiary focuses on the production of screen printing machines for textile tape labels, and the "Y" subsidiary pays more attention to garments digital printing machines and mask machines.This combination allows our printing machines to meet different customers‘ needs and requirements and enables our customers to enjoy more professional and high-quality printing services.

We deeply know that customer satisfaction is essential to measure a brand. Therefore, we focus on customer experience and technical support, providing timely and effective assistance and support to customers. Our company has a policy that any machine-related pre-sale or after-sale problems must reply to customers within 30 minutes to an hour.CNY Printer is not just a provider of printing machines but also a value creator. Our core value is to create the maximum profit with the lowest investment for our customers, helping them save money and time.Efficient communication allows customers to use our printing equipment without any obstacles. We look forward to working with more customers to create more profit value.

Contact us today, and let‘s help you to update your printing solutions to the next level.


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